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FeDeZe is an interactive platform where high school and university students of different levels and disciplines can learn from one another in a rewarding way. On FeDeZe students can exchange their academic expertise with one another. By reading and writing articles and essays they obtain a financial remuneration. By sitting exams, and reviewing and writing articles, students are able to increase their academic credibility, and proportionally charge other students for reviewing their work.

Beyond growing and rewarding students’ skills, FeDeZe enables students to apply to unique scholarships and bursaries and empowers them to build the future they deserve. By creating a space for students to learn from one another FeDeZe makes academic editing and reviewing services more widely accessible.

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  • Find out what’s happening Get an overview of what the world has to show you today. FeDeZe will give you the very latest updates.
  • Follow your interests FeDeZe has tailor-made content to fit your tastes, let’s come and discover it this way!
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  • Share about yourself Let the world know what your views are. Stand out, and develop a better sense of self.
  • Discover the latest news FeDeZe cares about keeping you up to speed. Select this option for regularly updated news that really matters.

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