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At Develandoo we are changing the way that companies build products

There are two distinct ways that we are different from most incubators and development firms

  • A lead engineer works on-site from your office
  • We offer a mix of onsite and remote talent.
  • A lead developer works from your office and is the primary point of contact with your remote development team.
  • You can hire your team full time after the project
  • After your project is complete, you can hire your team as full time employees.
  • You can relocate all team members to your office or open up subsidiaries in the countries we operate in.




  • Companies were struggling to hire and build teams in house.
  • Hiring an outside vendor was risky and didn’t always look good to key stakeholders.
  • Albert created Develandoo’s new model to include mixed teams and the ability to hire your team as full-time employees after the project.
  • This model was immediately adopted by startup accelerators and companies such as Kichink, MoneyPark, Swiss Startup Factory, WeLocalize and more.
  • In the first few years of business, Develandoo went from an idea to a million dollar business receiving investment capital. We are operating globally with locations in California, Mexico City, Munich, Berlin, Armenia.

We are open to collaboration

Since Develandoo has started, we have disrupted the software development industry and formed many strong alliances and partnerships.

As a result we have formed Develandoo Labs which is our own startup accelerator.

Develandoo Labs enables our relationships with startups and accelerators to go deeper than just a transaction.

In many cases, we have formed equity or strategic partnerships with the companies we collaborate with.

Here are just a few of the companies that Develandoo Labs has launched

You need to build your product, and you need a team you can rely on. We can help you accomplish that.

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