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While customers want to be heard and valued by the companies they engage with, companies want to deliver great service and grow with high profitability. Contradiction? Not when you believe in ‚digitization‘ and ‚customer first‘.

Our next generation customer feedback management platform is built on the core idea of providing a better experience, one that is simple and enjoyable for customers and rich in data for businesses.


…to help clients digitize & optimize their processes along the customer life cycle. We aim to provide the right mix of technology platform and solution thinking to enable our clients to offer experiences that delight customers and positively impact the bottom line.

Why choose 3back AI

3back AI

Simple, fast, user-friendly

3back enables businesses to provide smooth customer experiences - for onboarding, processing, interaction and feedback - on mobile, desktop or voice assistant. With our communication tools the customer experience plays out remotely without adding friction.

3back AI

Easy to implement and scale

3back platform is working side by side with your existing systems but can be integrated via APIs where necessary. Our platform is designed to grow and scale and work for businesses of any size.

3back AI

Digital and automated

3back helps businesses digitize, optimize, and automate their internal & external processes and customer interactions. Free your employees from wrangling across systems and process siloes for information. We automate these repetitive, time-consuming yet essential tasks with our bots.

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3back AI

Consulting Service

Process analysis (current state)

Process design (future state)

Process implementation

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Customer portals

Website Widget

Mobile App (White Label) or SDK

Backend Platform

AI Engine


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Web Crawling

Screen scraping

API development

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Conversational bots

Transactional bots


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