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This is the architect. And he is a real problem solver. He analyzes the existing IT setup of the customer onsite and outlines the existing issues or improvements. He is fluent in client language, by the way. When everything is clarified Architect organizes joint meeting between you and Develandoo.

This is you. Our client. We love you, and you love us too (hopefully). You’re signing a contract with us in a legal entity in your country with SLA-s and all that kind of stuff. Also you’re enjoying 2 weeks trial period of our service. Ain't it cool?

This is the lead engineer. He is smart and super-skilled. He is located in your office onsite. He is nice with management skills and also fond of inGenious platform.The Lead Engineer is responsible for managing the remote team, providing quality assurance and closely integrating into existing IT department on your side.

This is the team. They are pro’s (And yes, we mean it!) with full access to certificates, CV-s, and are responsible for all the job done. They work in your timezone, so you can also communicate with them anytime within working hours in your timezone using inGenious platform.

The right technology translates business strategies into results. We deliver domain-specific, transformative software solutions that reshape the way you do business

  • Action Script

  • AngularJS

  • Google Cardboard

  • BackboneJS

  • Oculus Rift

  • Symfony 1/2

  • Unity3D

  • Yii

  • Flash

  • HTC Vive

  • Android

  • Objective-C

  • Appcelerator

  • PHP

  • CSS 3

  • HTML5

  • Zend

  • iOS

  • Ionic

  • MySQL

  • NodeJS

  • ReactJS

  • Zepto

  • Laravel

  • JQuery

  • Phyton

  • GearVR

  • MongoDB

  • Phonegap

Our clients

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Cloud migration

Cloud migration







IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Software Dev

Software Dev


Easy communication

Most of the companies experience communication and cultural issues – We solve it by having our best engineers located in your offices and speaking your language

Right people for your project

Most of the companies claim that outsourcing IT department ends up with wrong expectations and teams get out of control – The Lead Engineer as well as inGenious platform make sure you have the right people and processes in place and you manage the expectations as well as deliverables yourself

Proper contracts

Companies are hesitating to work with offshore teams because of lack of legal agreements – Develandoo specifically operates in countries where we have offices, means you get proper contracts, SLA-s and service according to local standards and legislation

Quality and reduced costs

You reduce costs and get access to valuable resources by keeping or even improving quality -The Lead Developer onsite makes sure that the quality is on highest possible level, same time you have a flexible scale up-scale down solution which helps you grow your team on demand

who we are

DEVELANDOO is a pure engineering company at its roots, with a team of 150 experienced engineers, DEVELANDOO proves on a daily basis that perfection in Software is limited only by imagination.

Diversity is foundational to who we are and how we got here – by connecting the things that make us each unique to create something bigger than any one individual.

We managed to create a unique mix of experienced industry leaders who teach by example rest of the team and motivate them to grow their career and knowledge.


Benjamin Tacquet

CTO at MoneyPark

Working with Develandoo was a very good experience, with positive and professional people that know how to deliver.

Yolanda Macias

Manager of special projects in Kichink

Develandoo proved themselves as a reliable IT partner, transparency and trust are the key points of our collaboration.

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