Rudolf Haggenmueller on German entrepreneurship and Bavarian startup ecosystem

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This is Albert, and welcome to the next episode of Cyber Podcast.

For those who do not know who am I – I am a Startup investor and advisor, A.I. evangelist and the main strategist of the software accelerator Develandoo where we help companies build products in a unique way.

In this week’s episode, I am more than happy to host professor Rudolf Haggenmueller!

Rudolf held several positions at the Institute of Mathematics of Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich,  worked at Siemens, mainly in the area of Software Engineering, for many years he has been chairman of ITEA, the EUREKA cluster on software-intensive systems and services.

Since July 2016 he is Managing Director of ACU GmbH an accelerator for start-ups and fast-growing enterprises addressing the digital transformation.

Here are some of the questions I prepared for discussions with him:

  1. How does ACU support entrepreneurs?
  2. What do you think about Bavarian startup ecosystem?
  3. Which are the main trends and industries hot on the market?
  4. How to approach local investors, what possibilities do entrepreneurs get?
  5. Do you think Germany can become the next Silicon Valley for foreign entrepreneurs?
  6. What are the chances to exit with an IPO in Germany?

Checkout the audio track for more content and answers from Rudolf.


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