Develandoo continues its significant expansion across United States, Europe, and LATAM. We have grown our product and solutions portfolio and come up with market-ready joint solutions together with the start-ups we have built. This approach enables our relationships with startups and enterprises to go deeper than just a transaction in many cases we form strategic equity-based relations with the founders and position ourselves as local integration and engineering partners.

This joint development and expansion of the market require a lot of experience and effort to provide exceptional service delivery and effective strategy execution. And as a result, we are ready to announce yet another exciting partnership with Ray McKenzie. Ray will be joining Develandoo advisory board and will be a part of the US artificial intelligence (AI) product team to provide excellent product strategy, service delivery, and industry knowledge. Ray brings more than 17 years of experience in technology strategy and service delivery consulting with early-stage and global enterprise company knowledge.

“We are excited to have Ray McKenzie on-board, AI platforms we develop are heavily relying on customer’s data, and there is a lot more than implementation when it comes to working with unstructured data, we believe Ray will play a major role in the customer integration and strategy cycle”, mentioned Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Develandoo.

“Joining the continued growth, development, and adoption of AI and machine learning services led by Develandoo is exciting. Albert and the Develandoo team have structured an amazing company,” stated Ray McKenzie, Founder and Managing Director of Red Beach Advisors. “I am honored to join the advisory board to provide additional technology strategy, operational insight, and guidance in scaling the company. Develandoo is poised to make a significant impact with the products, services, and human capital.”

We will work with early-stage and emerging businesses to increase company growth, enhance operational performance, develop solutions, and improve service delivery programs utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The entire Develandoo team is excited to have him on-board, and we are looking forward to fruitful and prosperous success together.


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