Statistics show, that in 2018 the US has already faced 101 mass shooting incidents which have killed innocent children. Kids from toddlers to teenagers are dying almost every day and up until now we haven’t been able to come up with a proper solution to the question,”how to stop mass shootings or gun violence?” This topic was again the centre of attention. This time at Rock in Rio Innovation Week, a creative innovation platform which brings together a bright community of creatives and creators, entrepreneurs and artists, musicians and freelancers, around talks, workshops, networking activities, immersive experiences, and a startup challenge in Lisbon from June 25-29. Albert Stepanyan, artificial intelligence expert and entrepreneur, CEO of Devalandoo, &  advisor to Bravuz Jobs & Bravuz HireMatch, a partner of the conference, was invited to speak on the topic of mass shootings and gun violence. Stepanyan spoke at  The Latest in Tech” event, hosted by Bravuz,  and drew the audience’s attention to the latest developments in AI applications and in particular, Develandoo‘s new startup called Scylla an AI-based system that analyzes visual content to detect violence.

Mass shootings, especially in schools, are not only happening in the US, but in countries all over the world, and the threat of such incidents continues to grow.  At the beginning of 2018 in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, a teenage boy was killed with two others injured after a masked gunmen opened fire near a children’s playground. As reported Grote Wittesburgstraat, where the attack took place, is a largely residential area with a number of flats and houses. It is close to the city centre with key tourist areas just over a mile away.

Stepanyan presented a small part of the horrifying reality some people face almost every day. ”I can’t wake up in the morning knowing that gun violence or mass shootings are happening almost every day. Most of them include underage people, that is, kids and teenagers. According to statistics, only in the US 1077 people have been killed in mass shootings since 1996 and most of them include kids under 16 years. People live there, they bring up their kids, spend a lot of time, money and efforts to give them education and suddenly they understand that their kid was killed by some idiot” says AI expert.

He spoke about recent shootings in Alabama and the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, stressing the unfortunate fact that during such incidents the police can only react after the shooting has taken place. ”Just imagine, a national holiday, cameras around, everyone is happy, police everywhere,  and there is one surveillance guard that is watching 50 streams simultaneously, there is a black and white camera a  small screen on the left. Would you notice that a person is shooting them? Experience shows that the first line of defence is the citizens who will go to twitter and start writing down to a local police, the second line is police units which will then inform municipality or the local police department, the response units are coming 3-4 minutes later, there are even cases when people are just afraid to call the police. Now imagine the Las Vegas shooting, a guy that is shooting a machine gun which is 60 bullets per minute.  Under delay of 6 minutes when the police caught him, 360 people could have been killed under these circumstances”.

So what did the founders of Develandoo do?  They took action and initiated the creation of a real-time human behavior detection system combined with object classification which is used by law enforcement organizations, and the defense sector. The project’s main aim is to use technology to ensure public safety.
”We operate in the US and Mexico as well and on that part of the world, this is a very actual issue. We spend 6 months a year in those areas, we speak to people, we make relationships, friends who have kids, they go to school, they were asking us why we use AI, how it affects people’s lives. And together with friends, we started thinking about what we do to change people’s lives. We invested money generated from our business into the system of Scylla which understands human behaviour and can help to decrease the horrifying number of mass shooting incidents”.

The underlying engine of the platform of Scylla is based on Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a combination of Machine Learning methodologies to recognize all visual aspects of the video. The synergistic approach of combining various technologies provides highly accurate results. Scylla is placed on security cameras, surveillance systems or UAVs (military drones) to track, detect and target human beings who display violence, criminal and/or possess weapons.

has recently joined Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT, the leading global startup accelerator program focusing on wider Smart City Industry. Along with 9 other international startups, Scylla will take part in its 2018 program in Amsterdam. Scylla was also presented at Munich AI Summit  2018 organised by Develandoo and sponsored by such innovative companies as Fujitsu,  New Relic, Wayra Deutschland and LNR.

founder believes it’s time to use AI programming for the right cause. Albert Stepanyan says ”I want to change something and use my knowledge and skills to save those innocent people who may appear in the midst of the chaos of the mass shooting. It’s time to disrupt the conservative security industry and bring it to the new level, where tech goes hand in hand with people!”

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