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As promised in the previous article, we are going to touch very sensitive topics and actual issues with recruiting and team building activities, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, we are going to discuss sensitive issues like hiring contractors including the pluses and minuses.

Let’s start with the negatives. Often you hear complaints about contractors, including their lack of team attitude, lack of product knowledge and overall loss of intellectual property when there is a constant change of team members and temporary contractors. Yet, the contractor market is booming. Why is that, and why are so many companies hiring contractors?

I worked as a contractor in the beginning of my career and then switched to being an entrepreneur. I started by helping new and established businesses build their teams and products. In the second half of my career, I have seen a lot of changes in the contracting industry.

First off, the contracting market is booming. For engineers it's very tempting to switch to contracting as soon as they develop a reputation in the market and have enough skills to sell themselves.

In addition, an engineer can make 4x the amount of money as a contractor as opposed to being a full-time employee. As a professional contractor, you can make up to 120 EU an hour in Germany and even more in Switzerland.

So what is wrong with contracting?

Well, nothing for the contractor, but what about the product and business owner?

For some business owners, usually for those who are not coming from an engineering background, it's easy to hire contractors. Even considering the high prices, they see benefits in doing so.

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