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Develandoo Announced the Launch of 2019 Events. And So Let's Dive into Data

Develandoo AI Innovation Lab in collaboration with New Relic launched the coolest events of 2019! We hosted an engaging meetup with...
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Throwback to Munich-AI Summit 2018. Jan Wiegelmann Discusses an End-to-End Array of AI Use Cases

We’re back to introduce talks and topics from the Munich-AI Summit’s list of talented speakers. The summit, a first of...
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Fujitsu Human Centric AI: Our Speakers Talk about How to Detect Problems Sooner with Machine Learning and Automation

As we continue to present our series of articles on various topics touched upon during the M-AI summit, hosted by...
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Even FIFA Goes Digital. Neil Macgowan speaks about the success of World Cup big business through Artificial Intelligence

We have come to another very interesting topic in a series of articles revealing one-by-one the essence of talks presented...
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What to do and not to do with AI? Gartner's Senior Director for IoT speaks about predictions at Munich-AI Summit 2018

‘’By 2020 30% of CIOs will include AI in their top five investment priorities, and 30% of new development projects...
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Welcome to the Age of AI-powered Voice Assistants. Michael Muckel Gives an Insight into Conversational AI

We’re back again with the articles and speaking to AI trends that were touched upon during the AI summit, hosted...
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