Develandoo Welcomes a New Professional on Board. Meet Dr. Costas from Cyprus

Develandoo is very excited to announce the appointment of a new member of our advisory board for 2018.  As Develandoo continues to grow, we are not only expanding the number of new employees and team members but we are also honored to expand our professional network with top innovators in our field.

And with that, we are thrilled to welcome, from Cyprus, Dr. Costas Y. Konis as he officially joins Develandoo’s Advisory Board. Dr. Konis is a well-respected systems thinker, innovations expert, business growth consultant, presenter, and trainer. He is the founder and director of Innovage Consulting, his own innovation focused boutique consultancy firm. Innovage Consulting is a well-networked consultancy firm helping private and public enterprises, organizations, and startups build their growth strategy and find their competitive edge in our new digital economy through, innovative thinking, approaches, technologies, and training. To add to his already impressive resume, Dr. Konis is also an author and presenter at local and international conferences. He has served as the Director of the Cyprus Institute of Technology and the Cyprus Innovation Relay Centre. He has served several terms on the Board of the European Association for the Transfer of Technologies and Innovation (TII), the Board of the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundations, and more.

Dr. Konis has a passion for innovation. He is always trying to see things beyond the everyday ordinary.

‘’Develandoo is not an ordinary company. This is exactly what attracted me and the key reason I answered ‘yes, with great pleasure’ when I was asked to serve on its Board. Develandoo’s whole existence, mission, and vision, revolve around innovation. Starting from the very sector it serves to the business model it employs,” says Dr. Konis. Its team and the way it is managed, everything falls beyond the traditional and the normal. If one adds to these the passion of its leadership team and the commitment and vision of its CEO and founder Albert Stepanyan, then it becomes obvious that Develandoo has all ingredients necessary for its success.’’

According to our newest board member, it is both a pleasure and a challenge to support Develandoo’s tremendous efforts and vision.

‘’I will be trying to do this through advice on creative approaches, management of complexity, soft systems management, strategy formulation and implementation, growth strategies and improvements on workflow. I will do my very best to use my expertise and knowledge to support Develandoo’s challenges. I am a firm believer of optimization of each and every task we perform in companies and our lives in general. This requires quality thinking both at the individual and the collective (team) level. Fortunately, there are techniques and tools that have been successfully used. Introducing these tools to Delevandoo can have a very positive impact on these issues’’.

Dr. Konis was trained by the top gurus in his field and has, in return, helped and trained hundreds to develop and successfully apply their creative and innovative problem solving skills. We expect great things from this new collaboration as we know, Dr. Konis brings to Develandoo his many years of expertise in the fields of technology, management, training, and leadership. His participation and contribution on the board of several European and state organizations as well as on the board of many public and private companies, is a real asset for Develandoo. We have no doubt that Dr. Konis’ unique academic and industry expertise will have a huge positive impact on our journey to success as we use his guidance in finding the right solutions to our challenges. We’re happy to note that Dr. Konis is also one of our esteemed authors on the Develandoo blog. Dr. Konis always has an interesting point of view so stay tuned because you definitely don’t want to miss out.  

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