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Examples of AI in Restaurants and Food Services

The food service industry is an economic staple generating billions of dollars in annual revenue and representing 2.1 percent of the U.S….

Past events

LeadCrawl at Web Summit: Where the future is going to be born

The newly established startup boosted within Develandoo Labs called “LeadCrawl” made its first step into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning...
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Develandoo at Future Stack 17

Develandoo CEO and Founder Albert Stepanyan was one of the main speakers at New Relic’s FutureStack 17 event in Berlin....
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Data Intelligence Meetup

Develandoo was the main organiser of “ Data Intelligence Days” meetup held in Munich on July 11th. The Meet-ups’ mission...
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InsurTech Meetup

Enterprises today face a threat landscape that continues to evolve and become increasingly more perilous. Corporates recognize the need for...
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Develandoo at "Dutch King's’' Day

This year is no different, as the Netherlands gets ready to celebrate King’s Day and let the ”orange madness” take...
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Develandoo at Internet World - Die E-commerce Messe

Develandoo participated at the 21st annual “Internet World the E-commerce Trade Fair”, which is one of the Europe’s leading e-commerce...
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