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Hey Everyone, this is Albert and welcome to the first episode of Cyber Podcast. You can find more information about me at my personal page For those who do not know who am I – I am a Startup investor and advisor, A.I. evangelist and the main strategist of the software accelerator Develandoo where we help companies build products in a unique way.

On this podcast I am going to talk to some of the most successful people passionate about Cyber Security, AI, Data Science and company building.
Today I am excited to host Michael Kapilkov. Michael is providing Startup, Blockchain and ICO advisory and is a founder and advisor for several companies in Blockchain and AI industries and is going to share his story and experience with us.

Albert: Hello Michael, how are you doing today?

Michael: I am well, thank you, Albert.

Albert: Can you please introduce yourself and your background?

Michael: I am a partner at Datrixo which is a tech incubator. All our portfolio companies have either Blockchain or AI technologies. I have background in consulting, finance and technology.

Albert: What do you think about the European Startup ecosystem from your experience?

Michael: I think overall that it’s not that well developed and sophisticated as the ones in the US. In my opinion there is a big difference between American investors and European investors. European investors don’t like to take big risks which is why there are so few successful startups in Europe. Spain and Germany have pretty good ecosystem.

Albert: Actually Berlin is one of the most sophisticated startup house now in Europe, if you have the chance I would advise for you to visit there, it’s one of my favorite cities in Germany. Can you tell us more about Datrixo and it’s story and how are you related to Datrixo?

Michael: It is mainly built by blockchain and AI, I am not a developer myself, my partner has 10-15 years experience in AI. Now we are focused on several companies, one is a Cryptic currencies interface, the other one is called Healthi- it’s an electronic health records blockchain native lair of AI. We believe that both of these technologies hold huge promise for the health industries.

Albert: Do you think that you are going to face a lot of data privacy issues, especially in the health area?

Michael: For sure, generally speaking, data privacy laws in the US are very strict, in Europe are even more strict than the ones in here (US), but what helps us is that our philosophical approach is more different than a lot of traditional electronic health record companies- it is very patient centric, the patient owns and controls all of his data forever, whoever wants to access it, doctors, insurance companies- they have to ask a permission from the patient first and the patient either approves or denies it.

Albert: What are the main challenges that you guys face every day?

Michael: The health industry everywhere you go is very conservative. Even though I think that in the US big medical institutions are open to innovation but still it’s difficult industry to navigate and penetrate. In terms of Healthi and our company- things are a bit more complicated. There are quite few technical challenges.

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