When Your Ideas Become Reality

Develandoo has long been home to some of the world’s most inspiring creative minds. Now, we’ve created a landmark new working space, where developers have the freedom and comfort to dream up their inspiring new creations. Several weeks ago, our company opened open space incubation centre in Yerevan, Armenia, and our team members are excited for the opportunity to work in an atmosphere that facilitates both creativity and productivity.

Develandoo came into being in 2014. Since then, we’ve worked hard to prove our core philosophy: that when it comes to IT, the only limit is the sky. As we continue to set new goals and come up with exciting innovations, our benefits are twofold: we have fun while we work, and we provide unrivalled quality to our customers.

Now we have operations in USA, Mexico, Germany, Belarus, Armenia and Bulgaria being a Software Accelerator within areas such as Cyber Security, AI, Fin-tech, Insur-tech and Mobility.

We’ve reached several milestones over the past few years:

  • We became the first company to host a series of free tutorials to help enhance the growth of “IT Brains” in Armenia.
  • We had the opportunity to participate in a series of educational IT events hosted by Dutch Embassy representatives.
  • We became one of the few Armenian IT companies to appear at the annual Web Summit.
  • We have organised international meetups in Germany and Mexico

With the opening of our new office, the team at Develandoo can proudly say we have helped reduce the number of non-workers in Armenia. Now, we have the chance to give many talented and highly motivated people an exciting opportunity to learn and innovate. We are bringing in new creative minds, giving them the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and become part of something bigger: our team.

At the Develandoo office, we live by the idea: “If there is a will, there is a WAY.” People here learn to embrace their weaknesses as a way to learn and grow. Our ultimate mission is to give different segments of our audience the ability to learn, develop new competencies and, in turn, acquire the skills they need to get high-quality jobs around the world.

Our company culture is strongly based on transparency, motivation and teamwork, and by encouraging collaboration, we can reap the benefits of being able to constantly improve our work processes – and strengthen the level of our team’s professionalism.

At Develandoo, we’re not just an IT company. We are changing the way that companies build products!


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