Develandoo at Internet World – Die E-commerce Messe

Develandoo participated at the 21st annual “Internet World the E-commerce Trade Fair”, which is one of the Europe’s leading e-commerce trade fairs. The Internet World took place on the 7th and 8th of March 2017 at the Munich Exhibition Grounds. There were over 400 exhibitors and sponsors in two exhibition halls on 22,000 square meters with 16,000 visitors from Germany and abroad. The trade fair was an excellent platform for networking and one-to-one business meetings with potential customers. The main topics of the Internet World Fair were E-commerce, multichannel, online marketing, logistics, software, e-payment, usability and social media. The fair is accompanied by a high-caliber congress, which is under the motto “The Future of E-commerce”.

Being among the visitors of the fair, Develandoo was proudly presenting latest E-commerce platform in conjunction with VR and AR add-ons, as well as marketing predictive analytics platform AdTopus developed within Develandoo Labs.  Providing full power to marketers and sales teams to profile and understand their ideal customer., AdTopus is a unique B2B marketing analytics platform which enables users to create launch and analyse social media marketing campaigns as well as predicts performance and key metrics during the configuration phase. By using AdTopus customers could do amazingly well for raising brand awareness and analytics mechanism in the e-commerce market.




Nowadays, Virtual and Augmented Realities are making dramatic leaps forward as companies find ways to introduce smell and touch to expand customers’ sensory experiences. Develandoo shares the same business approach and collaboration opportunities regarding Virtual reality, which is based on shop room planning, furnishing and decoration.  The successful incorporation of VR and AR into retail models also has the potential to vastly change the way retailers are thinking about stores of the future. Develandoo is offering retailers the opportunity to transform how people shop and feel the experience of designing their own room with furniture or exterior interior design equipment.

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