Let’s talk A.I.

TUM and Wayra Deutschland hosted a meetup related to Artificial Intelligence and usage in the modern world. Topics were about A.I. and Chatbots, how to implement common A.I. frameworks into modern applications and usage of ML techniques. Main speakers of the event were, Fabian, Co-Founder of eBot-7 and one of leading developers of custom Chatbots, Albert from Allianz X, Develandoo as well as Christian and Yannick from TUM. All speakers were experts on implementing Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Cognitive Services like IBM Watson. Experts shared their experience and knowledge in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within a wide range of industries. Our CEO Albert presented the three topics related to Mobility, Predictive Analytics and Cyber Security.




All the features of A.I. represented by us, were fundamental points of successful start-ups and research projects developed within Develandoo labs, the area of interests are neural networks, prediction modelling and machine learning. Main topic being developed is a B2B online marketing platform AdTopus which helps marketers launch, configure and predict the performance of the campaign with high accuracy including human factor, performance analytics as well as identify the ideal customer. Cybersecurity comprises automated cyber risk assessment and prediction platform which analyses human factor and social engineering effect on the assessed company.




The event found its closure in networking session accompanied with fresh snacks and proper Bavarian Beer, where participants and speakers had an opportunity to share their contacts.

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