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Let me guess, you were burned badly the last time you outsourced. You took your project to a team in India for a bargain rate, but they fell short on delivery. The language barrier caused huge problems and the quality was way below expectations. You say you instead opted for a Romanian or Ukrainian team thinking they had better skills? While the quality of code improved a great deal, I bet the project management suffered miserably because of cultural differences. Do you relate to either of these scenarios?

Outsourcing IT and development is a big decision and can cost your company greatly if you choose the wrong team. After eight years of being in the business as a passionate coder and successful entrepreneur, I’ve figured out a way to deliver a happy and productive solution for people like you who are looking for a pain-free way to outsource. To explain, I’ll start with the problem of using existing options and then I’ll tell you more about the alternative.

Whether you work with Indian companies or firms in the former Soviet states, you will most likely come out of the experience sorely disappointed and quite possibly a few accounts lighter. From all the people I’ve talked to, both of these options leave a lot to be desired in the way of quality and attentiveness. Indian teams are generally underpaid, low-skill, and short-sighted. Most projects fail because the architecture was poor and there was no long-term commitment. In the case of the Ukraine or Romania, the coders may be more qualified, but they are often poorly organised and struggle to overcome cultural differences and time zones to effectively deliver a quality product as a team.

In either case, most Western European and U.S. companies hate to offshore because of these headaches. They will end up avoiding the outsourced arrangement altogether, or they will bounce around from one firm to another at a huge cost to their operations and bottom line. I am happy to tell you now that there is an alternative – a unique combination of exceptional talent and experienced cross-cultural management to alleviate these pain points at the local level and make outsourcing a truly positive experience. Are you ready to learn more? The hands-down alternative is Develandoo, and here is why…

  • Develandoo was founded and established by engineers who worked in large U. S. and German corporations. They are experienced technical and management professionals who have led huge teams and know how big companies work from the inside. They’ve had exposure to preferred cultural norms and maintain an astute understanding of the challenges as they themselves were CTOs and managers of offshore teams. Can you imagine finally working with a leadership team who speaks your language AND feels your pain?
  • Within the burgeoning IT economy of Armenia, Develandoo has unlimited hiring capacity to reach the best and brightest talent from a sophisticated pool of people who have lived in concert with the Western European culture. Our Armenian developers are housed all over the world and know the language and respect the culture for conducting business with companies in the United States and Western Europe. Why would you sacrifice skill for cultural understanding when you can have a ‘hell mix’ of both?
  • Develandoo maintains the highest technical standards and employs a very tough 4 step hiring process: Filter Interview, IQ Test, Programming Test, and Culture Test. We extend this process to onboard the most qualified Program Management and Quality Assurance staff inside the country and time zone of our customer when a job is accepted so that they can speak the language of the customer and settle any communication issues. Further, Develandoo employees report daily and are managed full-time in an agile way at our modern and dedicated development spaces in Armenia, Mexico, Germany, and the USA. Wouldn’t it feel great to work with the people in your area that you would hire for your own business?
  • Transparency is the first order of business, and Develandoo customers are involved in the development process from the very beginning. Through automated and manual testing, beta testing, and customer interviews, customers provide daily reviews and focused feedback to help direct product outcomes and improve quality. Don’t you agree that quality is the direct result of collaboration to involve the customer end-user?
  • Develandoo aims to expand the IT knowledge base by educating people with online video tutorials and technical blogs produced by employees for a weekly magazine. We believe in investing in professional development and self-improvement, and our employees embrace the opportunity to engage as subject matter experts in their speciality areas. How would it feel to work with a team who can enthusiastically explain what they do AND set the standard for creating quality products?

I created Develandoo to deliver something special to customers looking for a top-tier IT outsourcing alternative. My experience working in the U.S. and in Western Europe showed me how successful IT businesses should be run, and I have taken the steps necessary to assemble a highly competent team and put standard processes in place for long-term success. Are you ready to give outsourcing another try for your important IT projects? Contact me to learn more about Develandoo and what we can do for you.

Article published by A.I. Evangelist, Startup Advisor and Entrepreneur Albert Cyberhulk.

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