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Information is power, and this really what AdTopus is for marketing and sales teams. Today, Predictive analytics and  Campaign launching platforms are overwhelming the market but only competitive ones can find their right place and serve client’s needs!

AdTopus is a B2B marketing analytics platform which enables users create launch and analyze social media marketing campaigns as well as predict performance and key metrics during configuration phase. Key features like Banner Generator, Landing Page Generator, Social Media Campaign Launcher, Campaign parameters prediction and analytics with banner pattern prediction and analytics, lead insights and persona identification for first party data and B2B analytics and lead insights for third party or CRM data, will help Marketers and Sales to have full access to the performance metrics of their campaigns. AdTopus uses AWS prediction API to integrate and analyze the data, then scores the leads based on the unique ML and Research mechanism which we called Smart Lead Scoring, builds predictive models that identify the best performant campaigns for every category, as well as prioritizes the leads or accounts that “look like” the company’s best performing customers.

With AdTopus, you can easily analyze volumes unstructured data, uncover the most impactful insights, and predict which campaigns will yield the best results.

Features like Anomaly detection, Correlation analysis, Audience clustering, Customer propensity modeling will guide you to have the best place in market!

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