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Develandoo (A.K.A The land of developers). The company was founded in 2014 by Armenian engineers working in Silicon Valley. Initially head office was established in Switzerland, later headquarters were moved to Armenia with majority of engineers located in two major Armenian cities Yerevan and Gyumri.


Develandoo's mission is to unite small IT companies in Armenia under common brand which is expressed by their slogan “The land of developers” and help students in developing countries to get IT education, later providing them unique opportunity to grow and be part of Develandoo team. Develandoo builds techies for diverse businesses within outstanding quality, speed, and budget. The most important part is that it combines price efficiency and quality.


Core value is to develop IT sphere in Armenia and make it the second “Silicon Valley”. This comes from the fact that Armenian ethnicity is widespread all over the world with a huge presence in IT industry, this will also impact boost and development of local Armenian economy and job market.


Develandoo is specialized in enterprise IT-consulting and Global Delivery services, headquartered in Armenia, with operations in Italy and USA. Develandoo has a large and diverse portfolio of products and services. Today, Develandoo provides large variety of services such as mobile development, web, IT consulting, marketing, UX, design.


Develandoo has also bootstrapped series of successful startups and created interesting ground for international investors by connecting them with local entrepreneurs. As part of initiative to educate beginning developers, Develandoo organizes free series of video courses and invests into high quality podcasts and online materials.

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